Enfield Square

90 Elm St.
Enfield, CT 06062
Hours : April 24–30
Mon–Sat: 10:00AM–9:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM–6:00PM


Enfield Square is a 787,000 square foot one-story regional shopping mall located in Enfield, Connecticut, anchored by Target. Enfield Square boasts over 30 specialty retail stores and five sit-down restaurants including Outback Steakhouse, Panera Bread, Friendly’s and Figaro’s. A spectacular 55,000 square foot Enfield Cinemas 12 is a popular destination for contemporary, family-friendly entertainment.

Customer Service

If you should need information or assistance, visit the Security Services Office located next to Enfield Cinema.  Enfield Square offers numerous amenities to make your shopping experience more comfortable such as:

  • Store Directories
  • Wheelchairs
  • Lost and Found
  • Event Information
  • Mall Walker Program
  • Escort Service to your vehicle

The Mall Management Office is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.  It is located down the corridor across from Lenscrafters.

Public restrooms are also located down the corridor across from Lenscrafters.  In addition, a family lounge with access to changing tables, nursing stations, seating area, and a family restroom is provided for your convenience.

Overview of Services:
Buses operate from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Monday through Fridays and from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Visit their website for bus schedules: http://www.enfield-ct.gov/content/91/115/5093/42284.aspx

The CT Transit Express Bus Service Park & Ride Commuter Lot is located at the  Enfield Square in the Northwest parking lot.

Visit their website for bus schedules: http://www.cttransit.com/ExpressBusService/Display.asp?DivID={7428A88D-DDD7-4910-9C2F-AD1E63B94375}